Monday, February 25, 2013

Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

  • In combat, tanks "wiggle"
  • One guy controlled the entire tank
  • Tanks fought entirely alone, without supply trucks or maintenance crews or planes or any non-mobile pieces such as anti-tank crews, artillery, etc
  • All tanks ever put to paper were produced
  • All tanks of all nations were always mixed-up together, always.  E.g., there was never a side of all german or all russian tanks
  • Once a crew fought enough in their tank, they got the next tank up which was always an upgrade
  • All tanks followed a linear progression.  None were ever simultaneously made.  All tanks had parents and children, just like bible characters
  • Militaries bought stuff for the tanks with pure silver and pure gold -- coins
  • When a tank blew up, no one ever got out
  • Tanks had ponies on them
  • Related to the last point: some tanks were painted pink
  • Tanks were not in armies or did not report to national govts.  No, they formed into "clans"
  • These "clans" were both "scrub" and "elite"
  • Tank wheels were hexagonal
  • Tank guns were solid with fake holes in the ends of them
  • When not running their tanks, tankers gathered into a large "forum" and insulted each other

Note, original title for this post was: "WVGHTMATW what video games have taught me about tank warfare"

^What wiggling may look like....

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  1. You just need a good tier 2 buddy to pew pew with. I've been gone for a week.