Friday, February 8, 2013

World of Tanks: Watching Old Replays

My best evar!!! World of Tanks game happened in my Lion Heavy Tank (That's "Low" to most; ok ok, "Lowe" ... ok fine, it's Löwe).

[Shameless plug: I wrote a guide way back on the issue of pronouncing "Lowe"]

What a German Lion Heavy Tank in World War II may look like

The battle was epic and left me with a grand total of 2,850 experience.

I still have the replay, but it is from a version of World of Tanks now no more, back in the 7 days.

I keep a "fatkiddown's list of cool links" google doc.  In it, I had saved a link to a forum thread covering the issue of playing old replays when that version of the game was no more.

The individual who came to the rescue is PTwr.  He has now updated his Replay Compatibility Pack.

He promises to add even older versions to the utility.

Thanks PTwr for the hard work!

^One of many bands using "Replay" on an album cover
I tried finding a cool pic for "Replay" on  Apparently, tons of bands have used "Replay" as an album cover and/or, maybe even call themselves, "Replay."  These girls are one such band.  They released the album: "Replay by Play" in 2003....  Or, was that "Play by Replay?"  The 2 words are becoming meaningless to me now -- as you know, say any word three times in a row, and either Candyman comes to kill you, or the word becomes meaningless.

And for your listening/reading enjoyment, here is the songs from Play's album: Replay:

01. I Must Not Chase The Boys
02. Honey To The Bee
03. Just A Little
04. Whole Again
05. Hot
06. Girl's Mind
07. What Is Love?
08. 11 Out Of 10
09. Lets Get To The Love Part
10. 2 Blocks Down
11. Ain't No Mountain High Enough

And let's not forget Replay by Iyaz

Or The Monkees "Instant Replay" <-- was this the first album named "Replay"?

And "Replay" by Jimmy Dean (gdi! isn't that the sausage guy?)

Oh, and Books soon-to-be-movies directed by Robert Zemeckis, starring Adam Sandler & Reese Whitherspoon.... Jk about Sandler and Witherspoon, they're just like, in all movies these days seems like. Srsly tho, Zemeckis to direct movie from/of this book and I need to stop typing in this caption now.

In any event, tl;dr: to watch older replays, see PTwr's "Replay Compatibility Pack."



^don't say this guy's name 3 times either....

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