Thursday, February 7, 2013

World War II: The Battle of The Bulge, Bazooka vs. Tiger I Tank & Trench Foot

"Generals at War" is a great series I'm watching through.  I've finished "The Battle of Midway" and "The Battle of Singapore" and am now doing "The Battle of The Bulge."  My Grandfather was in the 4th "IV" or "Ivy" Division which took the brunt of the German offensive.

This part explains how the U.S. Army's "Bazooka" could knock a Tiger I.

My Grandfather also told me how his feet went numb and he nearly lost them.  Here is a good explanation of the problem the U.S. troops faced, due to poor boot design.

The Recoilless rocket anti-tank weapon, AKA "Bazooka" (
The German PzKpfw VI Heavy Tank. AKA "Tiger I" (
The Battle of The Bulge (
The U.S. Army 4th Infantry Division. AKA "Ivy" in World War II (
The horrific illness known as "Trench Foot" in which WW2 U.S. Troops had to deal due to poor boot design (

The German Battle Plan for "The Battle of The Bulge"

American Soldiers In Frozen Forest

Typical German World War II Uniform

Typical American World War II Uniform

A U.S. Soldier Prepares To Fire a Bazooka

American Troops Near a Destroyed Tiger I

German Troops In Snow

American G.I.s Resting On Rail Road Tracks In "The Battle of The Bulge"