Sunday, April 6, 2014

Aircraft carrier, you're doing it wrong....

Saturday, April 5, 2014

It was yet another night of "omfg I suck at dota2"..

"fkd what are you even building?"
"Report Axe [I'm Axe and I'm 1 and 12]"


"Don't invite this guy [fkd] to party anymore he blows."

Then later:

I got accused of hacking .. or, I guess I received a mass spam to everyone in someone's friend list of hacking:

And my 13 year old nephew has been playing Dota2 for literally 3 weeks..  He goes 20 and 2ish regularly.  I've never broke even.

Report fkd..

Friday, April 4, 2014

Multiplayer Games Suck

I hate you, multiplayer games.  I do so good vs the cpu, single player.  I play L4D2 and rule single player.  Coach has my back, kills zombies before they hit me.  Rochelle heals me.  Eets nice..

Then, I play multiplayer, I run to the action spot that causes the next event, but, team not with me, I get pounced by hunter and gutted.  "Gawd, uyou scuk fkd!"  Me: "ikr!!!"

Then, I am Tank.  \o/ I AM TANK!!!!!

I run at them!!!  They ... they run away.  They won'tlet me hit them.  Why not?!?!  I don't do so good tank.

I don't do so good tank....

And then, they vote kick me .. they didn't even speak English.

But why else do multi-player games suck?

oh, idk.  Because you might decide to make a clan in World of Tanks....


Time for Alice In Chains.  My god, this song is fucking incredible:

So like, idk.  You work hard to build a clan of people.  You check stats, you work on stats of people, you pour over stats, and you develop this fucking stupid moral code:

"Do not ever try to steal members from another clan.  Big no-no.  Do not!!!"

And I never did.  If ever I came across a talented player who was in another clan, I just passed over..

I think it was bro-code:

"Bro, she's hot, but she's that dude's woman.  Don't go for that dude's woman, k?"  Dude's going, "dude, don't take my woman, k?"  It's fucking bro-code

Pssst: I know guys irl that don't respect the bro-code ... psst, I always did....

In WoT, there is no bro-code.

"fkd bro, wtf you ranting AGAIN!?!?"

Well, because I worked hard to build my clan.  I worked very hard, recruiting players not in a clan, and here's the deal:

All I managed to do was create a nice buffet of talent, for other clans to come and snipe.

Let me state this clearly:

If you are building a clan, and you build it by picking apart the membership of another clan, then you are a whore.  You are a man whore.  And here's the other thing:

I am now of the mindset that whoring works.  Everyone successful is a whore. Bill Gates: whore.  Obama, whore...

Whoring is good.  Whore on.  Doing things by the bro-code sucks.  There is no bro-code.  There is no Terminus, no sanctuary, no honest-living.  There are only whores.

Be a whore, or be used by a whore.  Either way, whore.

I've typed this long and not used: ho.  Be a ho.  Time for grill, or gold teeth.  Idfk, I'm too white:

Forgotten Weapons Fires a 7.5 cm Pak 40

I'd say the German soldiers didn't have such long hair, but it makes for a quite a spectacle

Wiki page on the Pak 40

This gun was fitted into the FCM36 tank destroyers captured by the Germans from the French in WW2.  These were known as the FCM36Pak40.  Pics: