Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wolfenstein-Type Catacombs Under Odessa

I love the Internet and now reddit.  I learn about things I wouldn'ta otherwise.  Who knew that the catacombs of the Wolfenstein saga (see! I brought it home!) do exist, under Odessa: <-- too lazy to do anything more than just paste the gd link....

Apparently, death in these catacombs is not uncommon.  Note to Russian teens dared to go in there -- don't!!!
Eye Candy ... ok fine, I made alink this time....

(Slightly nsfw):
From reddit: Girl got lost in the catacombs below odessa

They do remind me of the catacombs in Return to Castle Wolfenstein:

A partial map of the catacombs
They apparently stretch throughout the underneath of Odessa

(yes, scarfing most of this from reddit comments, ty redditors!)

What a way to die, in endless, underground passages....

If you go down in there, this could be you....

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Planetary Annihilation

Who hasn't thought about annihilating an entire planet?  Well, soon, you'll be able to with the upcoming real-time strategy game from Uber Entertainment called -- get ready for it:

The game is still in development, but the teaser (easily found on youtube or is quite tantalizing.

Ever since Civ1, back in the '90s, I wanted to take the game to another world, another planet.  It saddened me that, when you finally built your spaceship, the game ended.  Winning!

But it didn't feel like winning.  RTSes developed, and sure, story-lines such as Star Craft's took you from world to world, but it wasn't seamless.  These were basically staged or set environments  you found yourself in, once you completed a chapter or part.

Planetary Annihilation promises to provide a seamless experience, wherein, planets, moons and even asteroids are involved and can be used.

Game experiences could be small -- as little as 20 minutes on "small maps" -- up to huge battles, with many planets and players involved and "...then the war goes interplanetary."  These battles could last up to 12 hours! ..says Jon Mavor, CTO.

The full interview is available at

They are still raising money for development.  More info at the wiki.

can't wait!...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

If a bad player dies cuz he's bad, and no one is around to see it...

does he still suck?...

fatkiddown: sometimes I wonder
fatkiddown: what bad players are really doing
fatkiddown: is it their connection? their computer?
fatkiddown: are they blind or some how disabled?
fatkiddown: what can it be?
fatkiddown: that makes them play that way?...
Wack: they play it like CoD
fatkiddown: how so?
Wack: Run&Gun
Wack: thinkin they will respawn