Tuesday, February 19, 2013

World of Tanks: Scouting

There are essential parts and pieces to World of Tanks:

Artillery: (I can hear the hissing)
Brawlers: mediums and heavies that can take a beating
Snipers: tank destroyers and some heavies and even mediums that can hit, "from a long goddamn way off...." (<-- love that quote from the movie, "Shooter").

Scouts: Lights (I've seen some guides say, "anything can be a scout: heavies, mediums, etc...." <-- I say bullshit).

^Why did I say bullshit?  Cuz lights keep their hide value even when moving.  Lights are not "sometimes fast."  They are always fast.  Even the slow ones are fast.

Without further ado, here's a great replay showing just how well a light can do the job of a scout.  It is a VK2801, sans binocular telescope, sans camouflage net, but _with_ sixth sense which is one of the fav skills and perks of the veterans of World of Tanks.  The spot he finds to hide is incredible, and this replay also shows just how close other tanks can get to a light without having a clue he's there.

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