Saturday, February 16, 2013

MS Office 2013 Takes The Microsoft Tax To A New Level

Microsoft is making the hardware=to the software.

"We want it this big"

Basically, you get a one-shot install of Office 2013 on a piece of hardware.  Buy a new computer, replace the old one, toss it away, or if it goes up in a fire ... you gotta buy another install:

To confirm the language in the EULA, the folks at Computerworld sent Microsoft a message clarifying that once Office 2013 is activated on a computer, the license cannot be reused on a different computer, to which the response was 'Correct.' In an attempt to further clarify, Microsoft was then asked whether the EULA prevented users who replaced their computer from reusing their license again on the new PC, to which the company responded that it had no comment.

Apparently, this is meant to force Office 365 usage ... still, when they forced companies over a decade a go to pay for a Windows license _whether_the_machine_was_sold_with_windows_or_not_ I'm fairly certain it had nothing to do with "the cloud"....

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