Friday, February 1, 2013

World of Tanks: The Pzkpfw VI "Tiger I"

tl;dr: battles last night saw our platoon of tier 7s get matched over and over low-tiered, and/or even the only tier 7s in the entire battle, of both teams.  And we lost more than we won and stuff....

By the time I opened the Tiger I in the German tree, I had already completed the then German TD line and medium line (JDT and Panther II proper), and had the sense to want/open such a legendary tank, "the right way."  Thus, so, I used free xp to research all modules, made sure I had all equipments, consumables and a veteran 100% trained crew, prior to its first battle. ...all in order to produce (get ready for Charlie Sheen) winning!

How friggin cool is it, that I found a pic of Charlie Sheen, with "Winning" in the background, and displaying "Tiger Blood" and/or, Tiger stripes... whence blogging about winning ... in a Tiger I tank...  Oh come on this is awesome!!!....

So, for many battles, I played it solo, but with care.  I had read and was aware of its vulnerabilities, and tried to take advantage of its gun.

Needless to say, after awhile I was simply not doing as well as I had wanted, and so, I parked it from solo play.

Lately, I've been breaking it out again, but only in platoons, to take advantage of the "carries" that I platoon with.  This, too, has not gone well due to, get ready for it: match making IMHO.


Finally, I resorted to, last night for the 1st time in the Tiger I, sprem. <-- still lost.


the end


Here are some cool pics of the Tiger I tank, cuz like, adding pictures is important and stuff....


  1. Please give me credit for my art 131

    1. Apologies. I've greatly neglected my blog, and just now saw your comment. Please tell me what I can do to give you credit. I will edit the post.

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