Friday, September 23, 2016

Wargamming's game clients

I love the random ability for WG's client to work.  It's fun!  I love hitting "Battle" and _maybe_ getting to actually play the game .. especially knowing my tank is sitting there not doing shit, because the client is white-screen-crashing, whilst my stats plummet.

Anyhow: The making of the WoT game client:

Finally escaped..

Hello all,

After my last post in October 2014, I was captured by a team of elderly people at a nearby nursing home.  I do PC work on the side, and got a job there to do Windows Updates.  They refused to let me leave.  I spent almost 2 years in a room, with a catheter and IV forced into me.  The residents would daily, hourly, bring me iPads, laptops, name it.  The tasks were 99% menial, such as:

"No no, that's not your Windows logon password .. it's going to be your Netflix password to logon to Netflix"


Lady: "I got an email that my Avast account will auto renew.  What do I do?"
Me: "You do nothing.  It will auto renew itself and work fine for the next year."
Lady: "Why do you say I don't ever do anything!?!"
Me: "Mom.  I didn't say that.  I said you don't have to take action to renew Avast, it'll do it on its own..."

Opps!  Just revealed that all of this really comes from helping my Mom with her computer issues.

The Avast story ends with her buying Avast VPN for $19.99, which she doesn't need.  I now have to call them to try and get that money back.