Monday, January 28, 2013

The Big Tank Theory

The whole world of tanks was in a low tier state

Then the early 40s hit expansion started. Wait...

The Germans began to blitz

The Russian troops absorbed the hit.

With KVs sloped-armored T-34s.

French had built a wall (Germans went around the end)

Math, science, tank history, Panther's high velocity,

That all started with the big bang!

Srsly? bad@songs?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

World of Tanks: IS-6 "Ace Tanker"

I had a decent game in my IS-6 last night, to say the least:

Battle: Sand River Sunday, January 27, 2013 1:43:14 AM
Vehicle: IS-6
Experience received: 2,484
Credits received: 144,393
Battle Achievements: Crucial Contribution, Radley-Walters's Medal, Steel Wall, Top Gun, Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker"

  • 9 Kills
  • 4 Achievements + Badge: Ace Tanker
  • Tanks Destroyed:
  1. ISU-152
  2. Panther
  3. T-44
  4. T25 AT
  5. T71
  6. IS-6
  7. IS-6
  8. KV-1S
  9. KV-5

Spawning in the South East camp, I moved immediately toward the southern-most ramp into the dunes, running along the very far-south border, but behind both clanmates and others.  A few enemies appeared moving toward the South West corner, and I left them to the more forward units.

I saw 2 red lights appear in the sand village, south of the river as well as a 3rd moving down toward it along the south road.  But first, a red light appeared at position F4.  My 1st shot was directed at it, and promptly missed!

By this time, the 3rd red light moving south down the road was within firing-range.  It was a KV-1S which nicely bounced my 2nd round in this battle.  I maneuvered a bit whilst reloading (never good to sit still), but was dead on him with reticle full-zoomed when my loader completed his job.  A single shot produced the 1st kill!

The 2 red lights in the southern sand village were both enemy IS-6s.  I didn't hesitate, but roared right towards them, mowing down the houses of the poor sand people.  I appeared almost between both as they were distracted by an ally light who had dove into the gulch.  The one to my right was busy aiming.  2 shots into his rear finished him!

His brother was more aware, and shot-out my gun.  I repaired it quickly, and now aimed at his frontal armor, doing good damage via driver’s port.  It took 2 more shots into the port to kill him, whilst he continued to bounce off of my front, shooting only the tougher parts.

3 kills completed, a T-44 is on our middle ramp, aiming at allies battling around J8.  2 shots -- with a bounce in the middle -- end his time, and now I'm at 4 kills.

A Panther I next decided to top the ridge at F5.  He allows me more than one shot, and we're at 5.

(I think about the time I was fighting 2 IS-6s, my brain figured this a loss, and I was fighting to make the best defeat possible.  After the 5th kill, I had some hope, albeit, several tier 8s were still alive).

Next, I see a clanmate battling a KV-5 within sneezing distance of our flag circle.  He never stops to look at me as I'm able to put 3 rounds into him and present the 6th kill.

The clanmate had joined me in the south sand village, and a T25 and ISU-152 had arrived through the northern part of the south village.  The ISU-152 goes after my buddy, luckily, the T25 goes after me.  I am able to use the remaining sand walls to my advantage, and put 2 rounds into his front, resulting in the 7th kill.

Racing now to help clanny, I put my hull, touching, perpendicular, to the ISU-152 at his rear.  A split second before I put a round directly into the rear of his upper casement 8th kill! he manages to get a round off and kills my clanmate.

I have little health remaining, when I see one of 2 remaining enemies racing towards me: the T71.  I am able to get an opening shot on him as his full-speed strafe races around my right, to my back side.  I crank turret hard right + hull hard right, and am just able to keep tracking and release the 2nd round -- 9th kill!

Now, only the arty is left.  One shot will destroy me for sure.  The remaining ally, an AMX 13 75, is now bold, and rushing to the far South West, but pausing off and on.  I ask him, "Please go light arty!"

Our best chance of making this a victory is for him to light, and me to kill.  In any event, I simply made the assumption that if the arty died, it would be to me, and I'd get a 10th kill!

I have to stop and encourage the 13 75 to move up.  He finally does, cautiously, along my left.  Suddenly, the enemy arty is lit at E4 ... but not moving!?  And, it is pointing toward E10.  It surely sees us both now.  Still, I fear he hasn't noticed, and begin to zig zag as I move into position.

I'm there, I'm in position.  I zoom-in.  I am aiming.  In seconds, I'll have my 10th kill!

Suddenly: "bang! bang!" dead!  The 13 75 puts out 2 quick shots into the arty, and it's over.

I simply type out: "Dude...."

After battle, in garage, I get a chat from a guy I did not know on my team:

Him: "Sorry you didn't get your tenth kill mate that amx is a real bastard."
FKD: "All good. thx much."

Nevertheless, it was an incredible battle, and I seemed to be at the center of a vortex, coming out alive....

Saturday, January 26, 2013

World of Tanks: The T95

The first T95 I ever encountered so happened to be on my team on Map: Himmelsdorf. Spawning north and following this 4-tracked behemoth down "Tank Ally" (AKA "Damnation Ally" and "Hell's Avenue"), he did not stop moving forward, lumbering along, and bounced nearly all enemy shots put at his massive frontal armor, as we were nicely able to shoot over him. It was a true, 'steam-rolling' that led to victory.

What Map: Himmelsdorf may look like, and a T95 "trek" down "Damnation Ally"

From that day, I had to have one, and so, made the long, arduous effort up the U.S. TD line, whilst also completing the entire German tree circa pre 8.0, acquiring the "Technical Engineer, Germany" badge (now ghosted, now recompleting).

A completed German Tree and "Technical Engineer, Germany" Achievement, pre-8.0

I do appreciate this beast, although it is somewhat diminished in the current environment.  Since pursuing it, tier 10 tank destroyers were introduced, and "silver gold" rounds, but after playing most of the early battles solo, and with the least gun, I have now attained the final gun, and enjoy the massive alpha-strike it dishes out.

It is barely a step-up from a pillbox, and things to consider when playing it are:

  • Know where you are going before map start, and get there ASAP, and do not plan to go anywhere else.
  • If defending, stay within easy regress back to flag.
  • If attacking, don't go alone.
  • Hide is not bad, and a camo net is not a bad idea on it, but do level-best to not move, and keep the expected trajectory of the enemy within gun traverse-range.

Another oddity that I _think_ is part of the new physics is that, on most maps, I get "pushed" at map start.  Here's a nice push from a dual-AMX-13-90 couple:

Good Guys Gregs pushing my T95 at map start

FKD's T95

Much as the A-10 Warthog is said to be, "a gun with a plane around it" the emphasis of the T95 is gun, and having that gun survive.  The frontal armor in turn grew from an original plan of 8 inches, to 12.  Having the same power-train as an M26 Pershing, the resulting vehicle was extremely slow: 8mph (13km/h -- 16km/h downhill).

This vehicle was meant to march up to The Siegfried Line in Europe, take shots in the face from 88mm German guns, and continue plodding, punching holes with its massive 105mm.  Of the few prototypes made, only one still exists, spending some 27 years in unknown whereabouts, finally emerging and now at that Patton Museum of Cavalry and Amor in Kentucky (according to the wiki, it is destined for a new home in Georgia).

More reading:
The T95 at
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The Siegfried Line

Monday, January 21, 2013

At the end of 2012, WoT clocks 45 million players

How big was World of Tanks as 2012 closed?  Pretty darn big.  Maths:

  • 45 million total players
  • 4 times the peak membership of WoW (circa 2010)
  • 600k single-server players online at one time (Russia)
  • Compare to League of Legends 35 million players

And no, I do not think WoT will make a great smart phone app....

MYM to do WoT

Clan MYM (i.e., eSports Organization, "Meet Your Makers") is entering World of Tanks competitively.

Sebastian 'Falli' Rotterdam, Manager MeetYourMakers
With signing a World of Tanks Team we want to show that we noticed the great success of this game. World of Tanks is a game that attracts a lot of people to compete in semi and professional Tournaments. That’s exactly what MYM stands for! Being an Organization that supports professional players to improve and win tournaments. Former “Red Tide” is already one of the strongest teams in Europe and I am sure that this team will represent MYM as good as possible on the upcoming Tournaments. IEM Katowice will be their first event under MYM Flag and I am sure this event will be a good start for a long term partnership between MYM, the Team and the WoT Community.

Good luck to all the pro clans in EU!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Russian T-99 Main Battle Tank

2015 may see the latest in tank design from one of the nations that provided some of the most cutting-edge innovations to tankdom: the Russian T-99:

Artist Concept of the T-99

It was the former Soviet Union that first rolled onto the battlefield the slopped-armor concept of the T-34.  This revolutionary design created thicker armor via physics and it was partly responsible for the Heinz Guderian-influenced German Panther.  Guderian urged the German Command create an answer to the T-34, and so the larger Panther was birthed.

A German-captured T-34 is pulled from its hibernation after 50 years, near  Johvi, Estonia

2013 is the year scheduled for the first T-99 prototype.  It is currently under development at Uralvagonzavod in Omsk (legendary producer of the T-34 and the cold war T-80 tanks).  Over 2,000 are to be completed by the year 2020.

Unlike the vehicles before it, the T-99 is said to be lighter, more nimble and cheaper.  It will bring into-play features of the prototype-only T-95.  E.g.:

  • Ammo separate from crew
  • An "Armored Crew Capsule"
  • General increased general crew safety
  • More powerful engine
  • Improved: armor, main gun and autoloader

Uralvagonzavod apparently owns rights to both the T-95 as well as the "Black Eagle" competitor.  Perhaps both will influence the final design of the T-99

The "Black Eagle" Main Battle Tank

T-95 MBT

An artist-conception of the T-99 firing an improved 125mm cannon

T-99 Schematic