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World of Tanks: 9 Battles, Narrative & Stats

Since the changes to ... xvm ... efficiency, AKA, "new efficiency" I have been enthralled with the statistic.  Namely because, mine dropped 70 points -- from 15010 to 1440 (currently, 1441).  In an effort to understand, I re-installed WOT Statistics and began monitoring each battle more carefully.

Below is, 1st, a narrative of each battle just after, and even whilst still going on.  The narrative's are rough remembrances almost.  It's odd to me to that, having just done something, I can find it hard to remember what _just_ happened ... at least precisely.  Also, it is amazing to "feel" one way about a battle, and then look at the raw stats, and see that -- it either went much better than I thought or, in most cases, much worse.  Of course, this is statistically-speaking.

The Narrative:

1st battle: Map: Karelia. Tank: Lion.  Spawned in South.  I was 2nd best player on team by xvm with a blue M48 Patton being the top (he had 1500 something eff).  We were vs 3 unicums.  An orange T69 rushed middle and shot me down taking 1/5th my hp before I found cover.  My arty missed killing him.  Uncicums went south of course (unicums always go south there).  I sniped one from my position at E3 dmging.  One unicum died on that side.  A T54 unicum pushed all the way to our flag almost, to 2 of our 4 arty.  I had read the writing and came all the way through flag cap to ram him before he killed the 2nd and dmged him w/ shots.  I kept him rubbing me until I died from his arty, then our arty killed him.  He said, "thx asshole" <-- not sure if meant for me.  Defeat.

2nd battle: Map: Murovanka: Tank: Mutant 6: Spawn north (enchanted forest side).  I head to NW corner as all heavies should.  I see I'm the _only_ one doing this.  I fall back through flag to flag buildings and fight from there.  Most of the enemy team pushed thru NW.  I snipe a lot.  I pen the Super Pershing a lot for no dmg.  I get down to single digit % hp.  I live.  Victory.

3rd battle: Map: Dragon Ridge: Tank Lion.  Spawned in north.  Head to middle mtn spot and begin sniping.  Do some dmg ok.  Suddenly realize only me and an IS-3 have gone middle.  Rest of team split to far flanks.  Majority of enemy team went middle, including tons of heavies.  I'm facing 2 Lions, a Tiger II, an IS-6, and a couple of their tier 7s.  The IS-3 with me started sniping down into the valley to the left, oblvious to what was going on, I'm sure until after I'm dead and he's being damaged from the ass.  I did a firing retreat as long as I could, but the humps of the gd road kept my gun elevated -- so frustrating....  And all the enemy heavies that barreled non-stop were orange/yellow.  Defeat.

4th battle: Map: Prokhorovka: Tank: Lion.  Spawned south nearer to west side.  Went deep south in wood.  Sniped at pushing enemies.  Our east did great.  Their west kept pushing and dying.  I killed a T30.  Lotsa hits, but mostly non-dmging crits.  Victory

5th battle: Map: Erlenberg: Tank: T34.  Castleside.  Took up position.  Enemy pushed dumb-like north, wide open ground.  At least 2 got mauled, but their majority kept pushing.  I went to help through castle-village, but a T-50 came suirushing through.  Shot, missed him point-blank (rage).  Went after him dumbly, missed again just before he disappeared.  Then, go back to help north, but just got there as last dying.  Got maybe 2 shots off non-dmg pen and one dmg on IS-6/3.  T-50 making 2nd circle same thing (this is within the castle "square" area.  Got him this time, he's dead.  IS-6, Super Pershing and another IS-6/3 went low/back road.  Fought them.  Dmged good Super Pershing in side.  Dmged both IS-6/3s, but died.  Our south push was still going strong when I left to compose this battle.  Checking: Defeat. 80,000 credits.

6th battle: Map: Highway: Tank: T34: Spawned north.  Headed straight for town.  4 big arty each side, but we had the only scout (AMX 13 75).  He lit their JDT (yes, I call it a gd JDT _not_ JT) and our arty kilt it!  Our arty did good hurting they arty.  I dmged: T34, Tiger II.  Killed T34.  Then, pushed on.  Took a good pop from they arty taking me down to some 20%.  Worked even harder to keep buildings on my right.  Tracked their T57 Heavy over and over (well, 3x), but he finally got me.  Victory.  

7th battle: Map: Malinovka: Tank: KV-5: Spawned south. Headed straight hill, didn't stop, hugging east wall ASAP.  Met Type 59 there behind windmill.  I think I bounced 1st shot, switched to gold, penned/dmged.  He died.  I didn't stop.  T34 now just over hill top.  Kept pushing on him.  Bounced, dmged, then he killed me.  We had almost half of them dead when I died.  Checked now.  All dead but 5 and we lost only me.  Only I died.  Only a Hummel left for enemy.  Victory!

8th battle: Map: Abbey: Tank: IS-6: Spawned South. Pushed east mega hard!  Dmged: IS, Tiger II, Panther I.  Killed at least Tiger II I think.  Kept pushing.  Killed arty.  Made flag circle.  2 IS-6 enemies came back to reset.  Dmged/killed 1 or both. Victory!

9th battle: Map: Steppes: Tank: Type 59: Spawned South.  Decided to go for spotting/detection.  Rushed like n00b to F2, up to rocks (I had seen a Type 59 do this well since to get around rocks to hit it means exposing oneself to ally fire).  We had 3 good sized arties.  Well, 4 or 5 enemies come around the rock regardless and kill me pretty quick.  Yes, they took _some_ dmg from my allies, but not enough (I think arty was playing "go fish").  But, I think what I did delayed their west push -- had to, they were all on me, and Type don't die _that_ fast.  Ok, our east push deep into, no, all over they base while their west push still 1/4 of the way to to go ours, but down to the proper row/same row as our base.  Ok, we are at 50% cap now and they are all dead but 2 (we got 7 alive).  Victory!

And now, the Stats:
^the stats ... eek? or no eek?
Stats don't lie.  A grand total efficiency of 961 for these nine battles.  According to the "measure" for efficiency, in these 9 battles I am a "bad" player.

You can calculate your own efficiency at, here.

Luckily, my efficiency is more than just these 9 battles, but this showed me how I perceive things and how they actually are.

Getting into the battle is import.  But then, living is important beyond that.  And you can't just live.  You have to cause damage, or help others to cause damage <-- _this_ is the essence of

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