Tuesday, February 26, 2013

World of Tanks: Unicorn

I platooned with my fav unicorn last night and we raped (he raped, I just assisted with the rape), so, today at least, I feel better about WoT <-- it is amazing what a little clubbing can do for one's attitude....

^my unicorn!  ...psst! getit? Unicum/Unicorn? ...
and it's all metallic, like a tank and has xvm colors with purple dominating and.. ah forget it.

what all unicums drink

World of Tanks News bits:
  • $2.5 League in the works from Wargamming.net <-- this news is 2 weeks old now.
  • A WoW (that's "World of Warcraft") type "Dungeon Finder" is coming with old Tank Companies quite probably going away <-- the DF feature in WoW srsly changed the game for casual gamers who, before, would rarely see the inside of a dungeon (/queue Leroy Jenkins).  It'll be called, "Tank Company Finder"?
  • WoT console-gaming <-- eek!  You heard it.  PC gaming and Console gaming has forever been like the story of Lazarus and rich man in the land of the after life: great chasm btwn me and you and I can't get over to ya there son (I was using Jeff Bridges voice from "True Grit" just then).  It'll be interesting to see how this works out.  Me?  I'm die-hard PC gamer.

Oh, and, mods are changing....

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