Saturday, March 10, 2012

R2D2: Where to place

To all vehicles (*cough* KV-5 *cough*) and space ships using an R2D2

The makers of R2D2 have asked me to send this friendly reminder. R2D2 is a great asset to your combat experience. However he, I mean it, is also a very sensitive device. Please do not place him out front, where he will get shot. Put him some where safer, like, behind glacis or angled armor.
Note the following:

Proper placement of your R2D2 combat assistant:

Note in the pic above, the R2D2 is at the top of the sloped armor of the X-Wing fighter. Rounds will most likely skip over his head. He will continue to function normally, throughout the duration of combat.

Improper placement of your R2D2 combat assistant:

Note in this pic, that the R2D2 sits out front, in front of everything. He will die quickly. He will get shot at first. This is improper. Do not do this to your R2D2.

Thank you for supporting the R2D2 combat assistant program.


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