Friday, March 23, 2012

WoT: The Fadin' Fadin's

Irony: it either proves there's a god, or it proves that, well, some things that line-up in life are just freaky.


What am I talking about?  In World of Tanks, you can get an achievement called Fadin's Medal, and it's, well, it's fading....

It's gets better.  It's a medal you get for running out of ammo, but still defeating the enemy.  That is, you're down to your last round, and you kill the last enemy.  Your fading ammo kills the fading enemy and you get the Fadin's Medal for that.

But, it gets ... still better!

And it's ... it's fading.  How so?  You might not get it, lemme keep typing.

Time to reminisce:

Waaay back in the early '80s, my uncle -- who worked at NASA at one point and an elder geek -- talked my Dad into buying me a TI994A, Texas Instruments computer (the makers of the original integrated circuit if I remember).  I fell in love with it.  My uncle had gotten one too, and gave me some software: Parsec and Zork.

I played Zork for hours on end.  Why?  Because, when I discovered the right combination of words it gave me a reward: it let me advance.  It gave me an achievement.  Or, if I were a monkey, a bean.

It satisfied that reward centered part of my brain.  This continued on throughout my geek life, throughout all gaming.  We played for the reward of more frags than our buddy, more gold and cities than our rival computer-controlled civs, more levels and gear in our fav MMOG, and then, catching on, game makers actually began giving us, get ready for ... achievements.  I.e., they finally began naming these things that.

It stands to reason that we are rewarded for accomplishment.  In real life (that thing outside of a video game), we get raises and promotions at work.  We workout and dress well to get that better girl.  We do stuff to our cars and trucks like wheels -- all to reward that thing in us that Darwin explained was based in competition and survival of the fittest.

So, we carry this on to video games, and all games seemingly now have this -- even silly ones, like, in Civ 5 I noticed some strange achievements that were like, anti-achievements.  Like, congo rats!  You were beat 10 times by all the other civs!  Srsly?

But Idt any game has given me, personally, that sense of achievement -- pun intended -- as World of Tanks.  In it, more than any, there is a reward tied to performance.  The achievements look real.  They resemble the medals the men who really operated these vehicles received.  They are shiny, and have names on them of guys from history with stories behind their names.  Some are more common to get, but some are rare.  The rarer the more we want, and, the more disappointed we are when we don't get.

Oh, how many of us have been robbed of that Boelter's?  Oh the agony!!!

^agony of defeat and stuff^

And then there were those times when, I got 6 kills, and no Top Gun.  I pour over the screen shots, trying to understand.  Ah, that other guy had 6 kills too, and he had a bit more experience that game than me, so that's why.

When it makes sense, we move on.

But recently, it didn't make sense

ATTENTION: Prepare for yet another fatkiddown QQ

^haha! last kill last bullet last enemy haha!^

And you open the door and you
step inside. We’re inside our
hearts. Now, imagine your pain as a
white ball of healing light. That’s
right, it’s your pain the pain itself is a ball of
healing light.

I don't think so....

Searching the forums, there's a lot of posts of people going, "hey! I got no Fadin's!"  And lots of people offering solutions:

  • Maybe an enemy disconnected, so you didn't kill all?
  • Maybe you didn't have all ammo loaded, and you gotta have a full clip?
  • Maybe god hates you.  I hate you.  He doesn't like you either
It is none of the above:

Dear Player,

Thank you for contacting World Of Tanks Support.

We are aware of a bug with Fadin's medal and are actively working to resolve the problem.
Unfortunately, we do not currently have a way to manually give you the medal.

Thank you for reporting this to us and thank you for your continued patronage.

Best Regards

Solution time:

Devs at World of Tanks: give support people the ability to manually add these achievements, when it is an obvious bug.

This concludes our solution time....

They should do this, and/or, they should at least promise to do it.

I disagree with the whole, "yea, you shoulda got it, you didn't, sry bro...."

fatkiddown, why do you care so much about an achievement?  Ya, just me, only me, I'm the only one who cares.  Or, wait, no, it's for you others that I'm doing this!

Stfu.  You care too.  We all do.  We all loves our stats and achievements.  Let's stop playing these love games and do eet already....

But, for all those like me who got robbed of this due to a game bug, and with no hopes of getting, I'll provide it here for you.  Enjoy:

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