Monday, February 27, 2012

The In-Game Complaint System has provided an explanation of the in-game reporting system.

The 4 choices have been a bit vague (see link above), well, at least one was truly vague: "Unfair play."  Tf zactly does that mean?

After reading the blurb, my thots:

The game masters will arbitrarily act on player reports, unless there's tons accumulated on a specific player.

A player receives an informant ranking. The ranking decreases for false complaints, increases for justified complaints, and remains unchanged if complaint reports are unprocessed. Low ranking informants will be penalised. The number of complaints per player a day (a battle) is limited and depends on the ranking.

And/or, otherwise, if I report enough players that others do not, it can go bad for my "ranking" in the report system.  Lemme get this straight ... this reporting system has blowback?  Even Mario Van Peebles would have a problem with this....

I have been reporting players afk as "unfair play," as I thought that was the only choice for being afk (I am boggled that there is not an afk choice). But I will no longer.


  1. Will wg request replays? Do they keep them now? Can they make their own?
  2. Do gms observe battles? Spot check? Do any sort of "foot patrol?" They should -- they do in the forums....
  3. Are there any plans to hire more game masters? Warm, human bodies simply do a better job than any automated reporting system.

tl;dr: Why bother reporting someone when doing so runs the risk of harming my rank in the reporting sytem?

tl;dr2: It all just feels like placation.

tl;dr3: Hire more game masters....

tl:dr4: If I wanted to grief, having read about the reporting system, I would feel that I could get away with a lot....

What players look for instead when wanting to report (my additions are in underline):

Insult or provocation
A complaint referring to chat logs: bypassing swear-filters, personal insults, etc. Multiple complaints will lead to examination of player’s chat longs.

A player never left spawn point since map started, and remained immobile, not even turning the turret, for the first 5 minutes of the game [the duration is subjective; I just picked 5 minutes]

A player has intentionally blocked or shot you, etc., whether doing damage or not. Their actions directly impacted your game play. Or, they told the other team your location via chat.

Unfair play
A complaint referring to intentional blockings of team vehicles. Passing onto enemy information about team location and damage conditions is considered to be a violation. [Scratching this one since it is too obscure]

Team damage
Intentional infliction of damage is tracked automatically. A report would be considered as credible if it points at an obvious team-killer or team-damager in terms of the automated system (if there is no way to check a specific battle).

Bot (Please be aware player may be lagging)
A player must be checked in terms of her/his presence in a bot-master search system. With a significant number of complaints against a player it makes sense to check her/his battle performance (average experience, number of tanks destroyed, damaged, etc.). [This one needs the parenthetical I added]

In the end, the reporting feels, pretty much, like this:

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