Sunday, March 18, 2012

WoT: 7.2 News

Regarding upcoming World of Tanks 7.2 Patch/Update:

WoT News About 7.2 Update: Ttanks Parameters & Qualification Badges

Apparently, this blurb is about qualifying for guys to be renamed "Norman."  Jk.  It addresses, "Renorming" crew skills -- before 7.2, based on 133% crew skill and it's about "Qualification Badges."  The examples given are driving skills?

Qualification badges resemble real qualification badges, which were given to tankees for professionalism and combat skills.

Historically, tank or SPG driver’s qualification badge was awarded to generals, officers, sergeants, or soldiers of armored troops; they were established by the USSR Defense Minister’s order on April 6, 1954. Four degrees of badges were introduced then: Master Driver and Class I, Class II, and Class III Driver. Along with badges, a person received a certificate, confirming specialist’s class. Officers purchased badges with real money, whereas military conscripts gained them for free.

^this ^

So, Class III will be called Jeff Gordon, Class II, Dale Jr. and Class I Dale Sr.?

^Is Happy^ & Qualification Badges in 7.2

Get it?  Patch? Eye Patch? Ok, it's an update not a patch, but couldn't resist....

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