Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WoT: The "He Sucks & He Don't" Mod ... AKA, The Win Rate Mod

Boobs and stats don't matter.  I mean, they really don't at all.  "No honey, I love your little boobs." (Or, we could inverse this for the women and talk about weiners).  Size, stats, same thing, dunnot matter.

Let's be honest, they do help, I mean, initially.  Sure, we all like Ricky Gervais.  Funny, funny guy -- proof positive that, if you judge a boob, I mean a book, by it's cover, you'll miss out.  Still, you have to admit, there's a striking resemblance:

Has anyone seen them together?  Could it be ... the same person?

So, the Win Rate Modification for World of Tanks: Yes, after . came out, I installed it, but not before the mod was truly fixed, although, the dude that put it up claimed he had fixed it, to find out later, he realized he hadn't, but now he did.  I did suffer a night of frustration trying to get it to work before he got it right:

It's ready for press! No wait, stop the presses! No, it's ready again, wait, no, ok, now it is....

Reminds me of Lou:

Needless to say, after all that torture, it does work, and now, I can clearly see the win rates of the people I'm playing with, and against, in game....

I have to say, srsly, this has changed my World of Tanks play more than any other mod (no, I never did clown skins).  Why?  Good question.

I admit and do agree with those that state that when w/r mod shows a player with skills, he does indeed do good in game.  I.e., high w/r + high number of games = better player.  In contrast, someone with low w/r -- in the red -- does do worser.  It's just how it is.  Or is it?...

(Note: the % of wins appears to be inaccurate for new players.  I.e., people under 500 battles, tend to show wild swings in their win rates.  This has to be a caching discrepancy between WoT server stats and the w/r mod stats caching of those figures that are, some how, delayed -- my best guess).

Now, two factors matter here: % of w/r + number of games played.  Simply put, the more games/battles someone has (indicated in that screen shot by the number after the icon graphic and typically followed by a "k" -- no "k" if under 500 games), the more you can trust the % of wins -- that's the theory anyhow.  I.e., "wow" in that screen shot (no, that's not his name -- I wrote "wow" there), with 2k games (rounded) and 56% w/r, will very likely do better than sucks with 44% and 2k games on my team, or so we are lead to believe.

However, I disagree, in part, that you can bank on this as far as your personal ability to win just because of your or the other teams win rates.  I'm still testing, but from what I've seen, teams with great players -- great w/r % -- do and can lose.  The fog and blur of war is simply too great of a factor, it's like weather.  Duh right?  Don't read that too literally.  Of course there's variation.  My point is, just how accurate are these win rates?

I'm not tallying this fact, I've just seen it, and, honestly, think about it.  Like, do good-looking people tend to get better jobs/make more money than ugly people?  Sure they do, but then, look at Ricky O'Donnell above....

But bear with me here.  Do you honestly think I'm telling you what you already know, that win rate is just an indicator of the chances someone will win or lose in battle?  Maybe I am, or maybe I'm trying to point out, that win rate don't mean shiz.  You be the judge.

Finally, I want to add here, it'd be nice if this mod could do a tally-line, average each team's w/r.  I.e., adding all win rate percentages together, and then dividing by 15, and having that on a line beneath, or above, each team.  Just do that, magically, thru your l33t programming/coding skillz k?

As for what does w/r really reflect: it could be, that those are right who state that win rate just doesn't matter.  What if it represents an account where the person played only one or two specific vehicles?  What if they were always platooned?  What if they were -- imagine this -- "carried" by a god-like player forever?  (Note: the concept of "a carry" in on-line gaming is nothing new; it does seem to be something unthinkable in World of Tanks -- it's like, violating the holy word or holy temple if you dare claim someone's w/r is affected by a "carry" or "platoon/clan" /boggle).  Could/can people play with their win rates?  What if the differences between a good and bad and so-so win rate is about like this:

Maybe, it's all of _the_ above.  Maybe some folk's win rate reflect their true level of play, some reveal a "playing" of the numbers to get the best possible, and some are just luck....

For sure, the fewer games played the less reliable, as stated.

Still, I like this mod, and use it, and like it.  I am not knocking it, and I do not think using the mod makes one "bad."  I like stats, measurements, analysis.  I do not think it deserves the same stigma as clown skins.

(What am I, a clown?!?)

What'd I like to see as well (if these exist already, do share):
  • Accuracy rate
  • Win rate for that vehicle only or option to toggle between global and vehicle
  • True number of games (not rounded)
  • Age of account
  • How often the account is played maybe
  • Latency of the player -- unpossible to get I'd assume (Quake 1, over a decade ago, would show this; i.e., you could ping other player's IP address and mod from there)
  • The number of vehicles played by that player
  • How many games the player has in that vehicle
It'd be nice to have these as options.  Yes, again, I come up with modding/coding ideas, and you go do it.


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