Saturday, March 17, 2012

WoT: fatkiddown’s List of Cool Links:

It's all about stats right?

Honestly, I am neither promoting nor demoting the principle that stats matter.  Having said that, I provide the following:

Dossier munchers:

Enter a user ID from WoT into this, and wait.  It'll track stats, avg xp, dmg, etc.  It also provides a nifty graphic lots use in their forum sigs, etc.

One of the oldest dossier munchers.  I like it lots and still use.  It provides tons of info, including achievements, types of tanks destroyed (good to have for "Master Tanker" achievement), etc.

It is a Russian-based site.

No, that's not the guy who runs it, but it's the first pic when I googled, "Russian flag."

Another dossier muncher akin to the one at ctocopok.  It provides cool tabs, graphics (tank icons) and some info that the former does not.

In order to use the last 2 mentioned, you have to know the location of your dossier_cache file.  It will here:

Dossier cache location:

(Both sites do indeed reveal this UNC path too)

One thing I began doing some time back, was making copies of my dossier file, and archiving by renaming with date at the end.  That way, I can see more granulated info on my progress in individual tanks or overall.

Compare players:

This last site provides a very cool way of comparing yourself to other players, as well as seeing your "weight" or "worth" within their system.  Some have complained that it measure these values by top tiers, and gives less worth to lower-tiered vehicles.  Still, fun to use.

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