Monday, March 4, 2013

World of Tanks: Make Some Tank Silver/Money!

Update! Do this at your own risk/loss of silver!  I, nor anyone else, can be certain of how this will pan out if attempted.  I.e., purchasing the ammo listed below in 8.3, then selling in the depot in 8.4 for a greater/different value.

Update2: Word on the EU forums is: if you purchased these rounds in 8.3  for 85 credits (silver) then you will be able to sell them in 8.4 for the same price -- 85 credits.  So, if you already did this in 8.3 ... DON'T SELL THEM UNTIL 8.4!!!  And you'll just break even....

Our friend(s) at "For The Record" has an excellent piece of advice to turn a profit in silver in the shift from 8.3 to 8.4 that he in turn got from the EU forums (which I now in turn am in turning and turning and turned...):

How to make money on 8.4

In 8.4, the price for 83mm High-Explosive HE Mk.3 shells will quadruple (already confirmed as 8.4 is live on RU server). Now it costs 85 credit per shell, in 8.4 it will cost 260 silver per shell. Which means if you buy one for 85 now, you can sell it in 8.4 for 130, generating 45 credits of pure income. You can buy shells for guns you don't own in the store.

8.4 will come to EU server on Wednesday (6.3.) and to NA server on Thursday (7.3.) - at least that's the rumor.

Confirmation from RU server:

^this be silvar ... arrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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