Monday, March 25, 2013


I get this email today:

Hey, Remember Us?

A long time ago, on an Internet you’d barely recognize, you joined Digg. A lot of things may have changed in your life since then, but your email address has not.

(great, you have my email in your fucking db....)

This past summer we launched an entirely new Digg. We take care of all the Internet's mindless scrolling and dig through the data to find you the best content.

(in other news, relaunched)

Part of our new offering is something we're calling The Daily Digg, a brief overview of our top stories delivered to your inbox (check out the preview below). If it’s not your thing, feel free to unsubscribe at any time.

(I feel it now)

-The Digg Team

(Oh, wait! you'r e a team! why didn't you say so!?!)

Yes.  I remember you.  It was before I got into reddit.  Reddit is all I need now to internets.  I remember you well.  Botters/malware makers would put malware in a page, then bot upvote/diggvote it to the top/front of your site.  Idiots like me -- wanting to see screenshots of "Gran Tursimo 5" -- would click the link, get infected.

^After this happened like twice, and 2 Avast boot-time cleanings, I never went to your site again.  (Note: pretty sure it was cgi bugs/hacks).

In other news, never run as local admin <-- dur

sry bro

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