Friday, March 22, 2013

World of Tanks 10k Gold Survey

World of Tanks Free Gold!

Update: The Survey Is Up & Ready!!!

this --> <-- seems to be a survey that, which, once taken you have a chance to win 10k gold!

We will randomly choose 50 people from the NA server only and gift them 10 000 gold, each!

However, CatStalker stated  yesterday via the NA forums (to the question: what happened to the announcement/link):

"We ran into some technical issues. The announcement will be re-launched once these are resolved."

Idk if the link above is the/a/legit working survey or not, so keep refreshing "News and Information" on the NA forums to be sure.  Nothing there atm, and nothing on the forums at all about it.

The survey does ask for the email associated with your wot account.  Note: never just give out your logon/login/email and _especially_ password to just any site or page.  Always double-check these things.

btw, how many 'parenting fails' can you count in this pic^?

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