Sunday, March 3, 2013


Coding can't be easy.  WoT has certainly gotten bigger over time with tanks and things.  As a result, certainly, there will be bugs.

I myself have been experiencing near-chronic issues of "white screens" after hitting "Battle."  I leave the garage, can see the map, but no countdown timer.  I finally am simply looking at my tank, can fully move the screen around, see the birdies flying, hear the sounds, but it's as if everyone is disconnected or ... I'm disconnected....

In Star Trek disconnects can be necessary -- like, when Data goes ape shit!

The fix is to hard kill the wot process and restart real quick (or as quick as I can -- which is excruciatingly longer than I want/need).  This often leaves me late to the battle, and sometimes affects my play (and I get threatened with "report fkd afk!")...

Worst case, it can take upwards of 3 or 4 attempts to finally get in.  I've literally died-at-spawn having finally gotten in after 4 process kills ... as enemies are rampaging having killed my whole team.

Relatedly, there was an unscheduled "pop" of the server(s) to resolve those who had 200+ vehicles in their garage, entirely unable to login.  Some reports had it that folks could not login for days.... <-- I believe this is now resolved for these folks (mine is not).

Note: my "white screen" problem started post 8.0 and new physics....

All of this lead me to think about coding/programmers and the art/skill of it all.  I couldn't help thinking of the 3-stooges cooking.

Without further ado, here they are (note: this is presented all in good fun):

Edit: servers go down.  Bugs happen -- as a comedian once said when he accidentally spit on the audience, "spit happens."  I am not upset at wg at all or wot or anyone who works there due to any bug or server outtage <-- this is part of it as far as I'm concerned, and I've played vid games wherein, the people employeed there didn't care and the stuff ran like crap.  World of Tanks is heads and shoulders above this.

tl;dr: just play some tanks....

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