Tuesday, December 27, 2011

World of Tanks: The Maus

Die Machtig Maus....

Idk if I got that right.  I used babelfish.  I put in, "The Mighty Maus."

After playing WoT since beta -- from July 2010 -- and over 9k games, I finally got the Maus.  I see this as the end-game for me personally (me personally here).  So far, I have played only a few games.  This is not enough at all to really judge by, but I wanted to share my impressions of, firstly, the reactions of others:

Game 1: Map: Ensk: Died. Victory.  Damaged lotsa folks and contributed.  JDT got me.
Game 2: Map: Cliff: I went left by myself and met half the enemy team on our side of the mountain.  I held out long time vs. an IS-7, IS-4 and a cadre of others that could damage me, and with no one coming after many pings. Died. Called a noob by teammate. Defeat.
Game 3: Map: Prokhorovka: My client crashed.  I got back in the game and went down train tracks on outside to avoid arty. It was a good fight. Got a T30, et al.  Died. Ends in defeat.  At the point it was obvious we were going to lose, an E-100 on my team calls me idiot.  Why i asked, "you were afk and you went down middle." Me: "My f**king client crashed and I did NOT go down the middle!" (All I can figure is at the time he started watching me -- after he died -- I was passing their flag going for arty, and he simply assumed I went down the middle).
Game 4: Map: Malinovka: Stalemate that I finally broke by going solo down short side and raping their flank on guard.  Nearly died but didn't.  Steel Wall.  Got thanked by teammates who said great job.  I said, "only cuz we won and I obviously contributed to that end.  If not, I'd surely be a noob."

So far, it seems a massive amount of pressure is on me to some how magically win the battle for my team.  If for any reason we lose, and if for any reason I die EVEN if I face the entire enemy team by
myself, I'm a noob....

/qq right?

Otherwise, the Maus bounced Tiger II rounds like their coming from a Valentine (replayed my Valentine recently; my gosh at the lack of gun).  It really isn't as slow as I imagined, but it does feel like it's ice-skates -- something I've not noticed in any other vehicle).

I am still very raw in it, but despite the critics, I am having fun.  I do not like the pressure however, and that does detract somewhat.

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