Sunday, January 1, 2012

SWTOR: Don't dart me bro! the Bounty Hunter's asplosive dart.

My Bounty Hunter trains in asplosive dart:

So glad my trainer is a hot blue chick.  Notice how she's acting all cool, looking away.  Love it when they play hard to get....

My first face-melting with the asplosive dart:

And here we see what happens when droids present their melty faces to my asplosive dart!

Yes, it ground their bones quite nicely....

And finally, listen to how girlishly ecstatic these Battlefield 3 players are when a bunch of SWTOR Bounty Hunters use asplosive darts in their game:

They became girls at the powa of Bounty Hunters' asplosive darts....

So, any more questions about a bounty hunter's asplosive dart?

I didn't think so....

(I just realized I called it "asplosive dart" every time in this post; for the sake of google crawler, I shall now rectify that:
explosive dart
dart explosive
the dart that's explosive
yea, dart, explosive, that one
don't explosive the dart
so baby dart to me explosive
explosive dart butt
the explosion dart of narnia
you think that's explosive dart you're breathing?
don't make me explosive dart. you wouldn't like me when I explosive dart
with great explosive dart comes much responsibility
robert downey explosive dart
lady gaga says, "i'm on the edge of explosive dart"
mama says go to explosive dart i says "no no no")

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