Monday, December 26, 2011

The Coming Zombie Apocolypse

I think this is _the_ first ever post on the Internets about the coming zombie apocalypse.  I find it interesting that by typing "how to survive..." in the googles, it auto-completes: "...zombie apocalypse."

I have thoroughly enjoyed the game -- now with sequel -- Left 4 Dead.  I also recently started watching the AMC series: The Walking Dead.  However, I do have problems with the logic.

(Note: in Episode 2, I think it was, the hero gets inside an Abrams; I thought for sure he would wreak havoc on the great zombie horde that nearly ripped him apart; alas, it ends horrifically anti-climatically)

First, a Zombie Apocalypse _only_ makes sense _if_ the thing that turns people into zombies is airborne.  I simply have a problem with the logic behind The Walking Dead.  Ok, you can only get infected -- and consequently become a zombie -- if you are bitten or eat tainted food (apparently, getting scratched is ok).  However, all military bases have been overrun.  I mean, think about it: we can setup a military base in the middle of the hostile Middle East, and keep suicide bombers and other enemies out and a arms length -- or gun length -- but the military in The Walking Dead cannot stop a slow-moving zombie from just walking up and biting them? Ok, maybe it was food, but rogue humans have survived the infection, found each other, and gathered into small groups and are fully able to _not_ eat tainted food, but the military couldn't?...

Do not eat this corn!!!

Left 4 Dead also features "special" zombies: a jumpy hunter, an acid spitting lady, a big swollen "boomer," etc.    I actually like this.  I can see this.  The infection got started _by_ the military trying to make super soldiers, and it interacts with whatever strength the person has beforehand: the smoker, well, smoked.  Now, he smokes people.  The boomer liked chips and frosties, fat guy.  He now is filled with bile.  The hunter was obviously really good at parkour, and the tank was a musclehead....

I also realize that nothing really globally bad will happen without the Mayans having predicted, so, I next googled, "did the aztecs predict a zombie apocalypse" (note: aztecs and mayans are the exact same thing).  Turns out, it's sketchy at best, but it did turn up a page discussing how the CDC has issued preparedness info:

CDC Zombie Apocalypse Notice

Another thing I've noticed is the lack of zombie children, or zombie babies.  Idk.  I heard there are some here and there, but I can't think of any.


I think producers do not have zombie infants cuz, the survivors will just punt them or something....

I do think one of the best possible clues to a real zombie apocalypse is/are vid games.  I think the govt. is secretly preparing kids to fight zombies.  It will not be the military that will save us.  It will armies of 12 year olds, who played L4D....

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