Friday, December 23, 2011

SWTOR: Down, Set, Hutt!...

Star Wars The Old Republic: The Old Republic is our only hope.

Level three.  I remember 3rd grade.  This guy looks pretty held-back tho:

The cinematic/theatric quests really do tons and blows away all quest stories or quests period in all other games before this one -- wow looks like a joke now....

My understanding of the story thus far: I am a bounty hunter trying to get into a great hunt sponsored by a Hutt, named Nem'ro The Hutt -- a hunt, for a hutt, from a hut, what the hut?...

Nehow, my sponsor got killed, and I'm left with only his secretary (or something).  I must now prove to Nem'ro The Hutt that I can do the great hunt by doing "jobs" for him -- being his muscle.

I have decided to go light-side, ergo, good-side, and I do my best to make these choices, but they ain't always easy:

I feel like I'm back in school at times, "hrm, A! no no, B! wait, C!."  I know other bounty hunters also struggled with this light-side/dark-side stuff:

Apparently, that was the right, light, choice, cuz like, I had a "goodasm":

And then had to change my pants....

Also, also, also and stuff.  Meandered by the mailbox and see a number 'side it -- (queue Blues Clues: mail time!).  I had me some mails.  Turned out a lady in a quest I did yesterday, actually sent a thank you email.  Wow (not world of warcraft).  Never had that I don't think.  Tiny, but neat (twss):

Nem'ro The Hutt's digs:

Nice skylight:

Of course, there would be the seedy bar, and duh womin!...

I'm guessing they made the lewd women holographic to get by the censors.

Ah, the great Nem'ro himself:

His presence so sessy, it pushed me to level four!

He gives me stuff to do (aka, quests), that'll prove I can be in the great hunt.  Basically, go kill some poor people.  I head out and finally expand the map beyond THE noob area to just the noob area.

I did diez tho:

but a magic droid comes and brings me back to life:

I did end the day level 5, and a title: Fatkiddown: Hired Gun. 

I thot for sure it would say: Fatkiddown: Blue Crotch (obscure, but think about it -- hint, blue women).

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