Thursday, December 22, 2011

World of Tanks: 5x XP Holiday Special

WoT: 5x

World of Tanks is running a Holiday Special: 5x xp plus 50% off crew training too.  Merry the Christmas!  I went ahead and headed down U.S. TD line and just got the Tiger II as well.  Other stuff too like half price off all tanks premium and standard btwn tiers 2 thru 5....

World of Tanks Holiday Special

I also did the unthinkable, and moved my Leopard crew to the Tiger II....
(Note: my Leopard was precious to me, "precious!"  I have far more games in it than in any other tank, and devoted to it and the crew attention; alas, the newer tier 5 lights have eclipsed it....)

One new guy, gunner.  He's been pantsed twice now....

Welp, brand new Tiger II thus far:
1st game Tiger II: Draw
2nd game Tiger II: fought my heart out, 3 kills.  Defeat.
3rd game Tiger II: 3 kills before dying.  Defeat.

All 3 games: missed only 2 out of 32 shots.

No victory so far....

It is hard to believe that people sit in the wide open, taking shots
from 3 and 4 sides, as they aim to hit one target....

I decide to encourage my team in the 3rd battle -- which ends in a defeat:

fatkiddown: Victory! Battle: Fisherman's Bay
Thursday, December 22, 2011 9:44:10 AM Vehicle: PzKpfw VIB Tiger II
Experience received: 6,470 (x5 for the first victory each day) Credits
received: 34,624

And then, and then! AND THEN!... a victory....
This battle -- wherein, my Tiger II got his first ever victory _AND_ at 5x xp to boot -- was quite interesting.  My final shot into the tank that killed me, lit up his fuel.  I died, seconds later, he dies.  Nicely....

So, I cut into my precious Maus credits and slid over to the Slugger from the M4A3E8, to head toward the Death Star: the dreaded, T95.

We loves the specials, doesn't we precious?
50g per 100% crew training on Slugger (normally, 100g), and it was 100g per 100% crew training on Tiger II (normally, 200g).  The Leopard crew is doing great, and repairing fast when tank is hurt -- they are veterans of over 1,414 games in the Leopard.

Here is my best so far in my primaries that I'm playing during the Holiday Special:

Victory!Battle: El Halluf Wednesday, December 21, 2011 10:03:03
PMVehicle: VK 4502 (P) Ausf. BExperience received: 7,520 (x5 for the
first victory each day)Credits received: 63,876

Yes, each time I get the creds to buy the 6.1 million $ Maus I'm grinding the VK4502p/b towards, WoT does another special, but this time, I feel the cut into me Maus money worth it.  I sold a couple of tanks that had no crews -- can always grind them back later if I wanna -- and that brought me to within approx. 400k creds to get back to 6.1 for the mousey.

All-in-all, I loves me some 5x Holiday Special times....

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