Saturday, May 5, 2012

The March of The E-75

"Comrades fast and little, fearful and brittle, follow me as I drive,"
 Said the lumbering hulk, that huge steel bulk, known as the E-75.

"Many guns have they, but scared I say, are they as much as we."
 And he turned and faced, like a runner at race, the sun it seemed with glee.

All were amazed, dark smoke was raised, from the mouths of his great exhaust,
 And thus drove on, that leviathan, who seemed not to know the cost.

As though pulled along, his brethren fell on, his flanks but not ahead,
 Of the great dark hunk, that towering chunk, rolling on as an ominous dread.

It wasn't long, before a sniper song, of pings and chinks and lead,
 Speckled his coat, battle-worn and smote, in a hail that he could not shed.

Still on he stroked, through the churned-black smoke, toward their battle-line,
 Some comrades bowed, as he continually plowed, now with holes where
 metal shined.

Enemies alit, and seeming to quit, he stopped dead in his tracks,
 but not with fear, for he was sincere, and raised his great gun-rack.

His aim was true, and soon all knew, his gunner was not poor.
 He killed a tank, who realized too late, this was no easy score.

On he marched, soon all took part, in the awe that he inspired,
 And more and more, of the enemy core, came to end his furious ire.

Then larger tanks, filled the ranks, of those opposed to him,
 And damage deep, into him seeped, for his engine with fire brimmed.

Now his tracks, turned into wax, for foes had shot them out,
 And in this arena, of the goddess Athena, they meant to end his route.

They must assemble, instead of tremble, if they wish to bring him down,
 So all surrounded, hammered and pounded, this titan commanding the ground.

Round after round, blow after blow, landed into his hull,
 He refused to show, and he refused them know, that soon his life they'd cull.

Turned this way and that, like dragon spit and spat, he seemed to damage all.
 They were amazed, bright-eyed they gazed, for he refused to fall.

Now most his life, had gone away, and soon the end would come,
 But not before, he felled four more, who thought that he was done.

And so he died, while none could hide, him seeing his gamble pay,
 As they had ignored, his brethren corps, who capitalized on the day.

The last enemy died, and some did cry, o'er the hulk who had no fear,
 Who instead had chose, give his life for those, fast and little and dear.

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