Monday, May 7, 2012

How to get free credits in World of Tanks

1st, take advantage of the recent promotional:

Victory Day Bonus Code

2nd, go to your garage, click on, "Depot."

3rd, choose on the left hand side of the "Depot" menu the "Consumables" selection.  Make sure to also select, "On Vehicles" and then, "My Vehicles." This will list all consumables.

4th, simply left-click on the recently added "gold" consumables you got through the promo code to sell them.

These will be:
  • Extra Combat Rations
  • Case of Cola
  • Chocolate
  • Improved Combat Rations
  • Strong Coffee
The stacks will sell x5 each for 50,000 credits a pop.  x5, that's 250,000 credits for free!

A lot of grinding done in no time!

(Note: some accounts will not have all "gold consumes" available.  That is, if you do not have the Chinese T59, etc.  A friend who just made an account this weekend had acccess to 3 stacks of sellable consumes instead of 5, and made 150k instead -- still!...)



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