Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Capture The Flag Flow Chart: How To Win A Battle In World of Tanks

This past weekend, I'm in a tough battle in my Marder II. 

What my Marder II may look like

I did the dying part, and watched as it came down to my last 2 teammates vs. 3 enemies.  My teammates -- an M4 and a tier 4 Russian TD -- entered the enemy flag circle before 2 of the enemies could enter ours.  The capture clock was going to be close, but we were just a few seconds ahead of the 5 second window to avoid a draw, and win the battle!

Suddenly, the 3rd enemy appeared on the horizon -- a small artillery -- he fires when we are deep into the 80ish seconds area of the capture-clock.  He misses, landing between my two teammates.

"YES!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA!!!  Now, he has to reload, with not enough time for that AND my teammates can possibly make a long-disance shot and take him out!!!"

But then, to my horror, I see it: our M4 ... he ... he leaves the flag capture to go and kill the artillery....

He does exactly, precisely, the _only_ thing he could have done to cause a loss.

I raged, railed, moaned, kicked the cat, beat the dog and burned-down my neighborhood.

So, wanting to convey just _how_ bad of a decision this is/was, I took all of 30 seconds and made this really, really bad flow chart on how to/what to/the 1,2,3s of doing whatever to win (or lose) a battle in World of Tanks.

Ergo, "The Capture The Flag Flow Chart":
A really, really, bad flowchart that tries to illustrate what one can/should/must do to win a battle in World of Tanks and/or, lose one (note: you sukc if you plan to lose)

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