Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Age of The Sphinx

This topic captivated me since I first learned of it in the mid 1990s.  The below is from memory, so, if I got something wrong feel free to tell me:

I finally read AAD blog post on the topic last night and listened to the podcast during commute (which is Chris White -- _the_ AAD guy -- reading the same blog).  1st, direct quote from the blog post:

Unlike similar debates with ancient alien implications this one has played out in scholarly circles.

^I.e., none of the participants are bsc (batshitcrazy) AA  (Ancient Aliens) guys.  But Schoch's view _has_ been used by some bsc AA guys.

Shoch's view is that the water erosion is evidence the Sphinx is circa 2,500 to 5,000 yrs older than Egyptologists claim it to be.  Reader believes this date too old, and the Sphinx is only circa 400 years older, which is a much later age by 4,500 to 2,000 years <-- both of these views most egyptologists do not like, as it affects their belief that King Khafra commissioned The Great Sphinx (can I call him "king"?).  It is important to denote that:

A. Both Schoch and Reader believe TGS (The Great Sphinx) to be older than the common egyptological view.
B. Both also believe it to be from an older hereto-fore-unknown "Sun Cult" culture (it is pointed at the sun).
C. Both believe TGS to have had a different, bigger head, most likely a lion.
D. Both believe Khafra simply carved his head onto TGS at a later date.
E. Egyptologists have not endorsed either view, but state Reader's -- which is _much_ later than Schoch's -- to be "probably right."

Good article, the tennis match between Reader and Schoch is enjoyable.  It is very academic and professional.  Both men showing high levels of education and scholarly respect.

tl;dr2: Schoch has to have his view proven guilty, and until then it is considered innocent.  He has turned over a lot of evidence and done lots of work, but until all possible geological "tests" are passed, his view will remain in doubt.  It is important to note here that Schoch has not been proven wrong, and he has affected modern archaeology regardless.

Schoch has a phd from Yale in geology and geophysics.
Reader is secretary of "The Manchester Ancient Egypt Society."  All else I can find about him is "Colin Reader Geologist" <-- cannot find his degree in a 5 minute search.  Here is one link to his creds.


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