Wednesday, June 5, 2013

n00bs, pros and joes and the dota2 reporting system


The guys not-very-good-at-they-own-game at Valve have put out a statement regarding the here-for-to-mentioned batshitcrazy reporting system that serves as an admin (replacing real admins) that I earlier bitched about....  You know, when I had not played in ages, played 2 games, and got muted in the 3rd ... when I had said hardly anything and it was just people reporting me for 'sucking' in their eyes?

Anyhow, here it is.

tl;dr: lemme translate: "we know it can be abused.  We know you can get reported for not saying a word and just bcs someone did the: 'i died = u suk' stuff, but still.  People _are_ getting reported for being mean (/queue Taylor Swift), so, we're keeping it....

So, being weak and a liar and a hypocrit, yes yes, I went back to dota2....

But I've learned!  (It's learning!).

I now work the piss out of the reporting system.

Case example:
PA: "Axe, why did you tower dive into all 5 of them?"
Me (Axe): "misclick" (actually it was lag).
PA: "Well, that misclick might cost us this game."

Oh no he didn't!


Another game:

VS: "Omni, why didn't you use your ult?"
Me (Omni): "I try to save mana for repel and heal over ulting."
VS: "Well, now we are wiped."

Get that weak-ass stuff outta here!!!



I am now a true follower/believer of the Dota2 reporting system.

I've even upped it.  Here's an example of my latest muting/reporting:

Me (Void): "Guys.  I'm gonna come in at them from the wood, bottom.  When I go in and ult, that's when you join-in.  Got it?  Got it?...  Guys?  Guys?"

Hrm, they would not answer me:


Game starts.  I get commended.


This one guy: "you are a good Omni.  I got a rare hammer for you."  [We trade].

Me: "Thx man!"
Him: "np."


Working as intended....

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