Friday, April 5, 2013

World of Tanks: How To Get Gold and Silver Cheap

Everyone likes a deal.  Finding ways to get gold and silver (credits) in World of Tanks is something every tanker spends at least some amount of time looking for.  We all want gold and silver cheap or better yet, free!  Although I cannot offer much on the "free" part, I can hopefully do a bit toward the cheap part.  Read on....


I hit a bit ago, and purchased several of these "World of Tanks With $30.00 In Pack Value-Items" for about $16.  The first one I tried to get was even cheaper, but no buy-out.  Someone out bid me, and I quickly let them have it.

I kept searching and found another seller that was doing "buy it now" and I did.  I got 3 total.

A few days later, and having spent around $50, I got the 3 installs.  All I wanted was the codes for the "$30 of in-game items"!  The packages were all sealed (per description in the sale), so this did away with the, "what if these codes are already used?" concern.

My last concern was: what if an account can only use one of these-type codes?  But each was different.  I had a few friends lined up to share the codes with in case using the first would nullify the rest.  It did not.  All 3 worked!

Each code provided me with:

  • 2550 in gold <-- 2550 gold duh!
  • Garage slot <-- 300 gold non-special price
  • 1,050,000 credits (silver) <-- this would normally cost 2625 in gold, and partially required selling the T2 Light that came with it
  • 7 day premium account <-- normally, 1250 gold

All of this for a grand total in gold value of 6500.  At the gift shop, it would normally cost $29.95 to get 6500 worth of gold.

This image is redundant, but I felt it time for an image of something

So, for about $16, I did indeed get about $30 worth of in-game stuff.  Times 3 means that for $50, I got nearly $100 worth of stuff.

But had these things been bought with a gold purchase made at $6.95, the savings is even greater.

Keep in mind, as you spend more real dollars for gold, you get more gold.  I did this math way back:

  • At $6.95 you pay $1 for 179.86 gold (1,250 gold)
  • At $14.95 you pay $1 for 200.7 gold (3,000 gold)
  • At $29.95 you pay $1 for 217 gold (6,500 gold)
  • At $49.95 you pay $1 for 240.24 gold (12,000 gold)
  • At $99.95 you pay $1 for 250.13 gold (25,000 gold)

I hope all of my math here is correct.  If not, let me know.

I am not trying to get anyone to give WG money.  If you enjoy paying totally for free, then mo' powa'.  I myself like the perks gold brings, but I work hard to do it at a bargain.

And yes, you can wait for such things as garage slots to go on sale for half price (150 instead of 300 gold).

And also, part of this meant selling the T2 Light that came with the bonus codes.  If you keep that, you'll make less.  (I already had it).

Finally, if you are in a pro clan doing clan wars, then you might be laughing at the thought of some people paying real $ for gold, but most of us are not, and we play more leisurely.

Last of all, I took the time ask WG and World of Tanks Support if it was ok to buy these installs and use the codes.  I knew it was, but wanted to be safe.  (I mostly asked in order to safely blog about it).  Here is their response:

Dear Player,

I prefer, "Playa!"

We apologize for the delayed reply.

Our official payment methods are through our Get Gold page: or through Amazon:
Having said that, you are free to purchase the disk with the bonus code from eBay, but we would like to warn you that the code may already be redeemed by the reseller and if that is the case we would not be able to offer any compensation.

Best Regards,

Billing Support Specialist

I honestly did not know about the Amazon Game Connect site.  I thought I would break down what you can buy there and the worth in gold if you: sell the tank, price the credits (silver), garage slot, etc.:

Ram-II <-- sells for 350,000 credits.  That’s 88 gold (rounded up)
Garage slot: <-- 300 gold
1500 gold <-- 1500 gold
50,000 credits <-- 125 gold

^So that's 2013 worth of gold for $20....  I think my ebay find was much more lucrative.  (I just noticed the amount of gold is 2013 and that's also the year we're in rofl! ¬_¬)

I mean, at $29.95 prices at "Get Gold" page, that's not even $10 worth, and you paid $20!!!

What "Get Gold" _may_ look like

In any event, I hope all my info and math are correct and that I may have helped some of you to at least get the resources you need to pwn at World of Tanks!


Thar's tanks in them thar golds


  1. Actually, FKD, the Ram II is 1750 gold, but assuming it's half off, the entire Amazon package is actually worth 2800 gold.

    1. It also includes a 100% trained crew for the Ram II, which is another 1000 gold, assuming full price.

    2. Assuming full prices for the tank, you're paying altogether 4675 gold for the package, which translates to about $21.54 at $29.95 gold price, so it actually is a little cheaper to buy the Amazon package. Of course, if you wait for 50% sales on all those things, you can get them significantly cheaper.

    3. Thx for the reply, and maybe I'm not following (I get easily confuse'd), but I'm referring to putting down the $ they want for that Ram II package to then liquidate it/have the assets remaining in gold and credits + stuff one cannot sell-off such as garage slot -- _not_ just how to get/buy a Ram II.

      The crew mention is something I missed however, good catch. _But_ if one is really focusing on pure, raw, savings here, then one can deduce that one can get the 100% crew for free, via grinding, and it is therefore _not_ part of a pure-minded budget-mindedness and stuff <-- sry wordy but that's me. Plus, the Ram II crew -- if the Ram II is sold -- would have to be retrained anyhow.

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