Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wolf Packs Don't Stop....

That is, they don't stop attacking.  They should swarm, circle strafe, focus on one...

I'm using a case example here to discuss how I think wolf packs should behave. If you know this, good. If not, read on.

tl;dr: gather-up, pick-terrains-with-most-cover, move-together, never-stop, focus-on-one, do-not-give-them-time, do-not-give-them-range-of-field.

Map: Steppes
Tank: T59


5 - Type 59
2 - Panther II
1 - Panther I
2 - Pershing
1 - Patton
1 - T32
1 - T95
1 - IS-4
1 - Lowe



2 - T34
1 - VK4502PB
2 - IS-3
1 - Lowe
1 - ISU-152
1 - Type 59
2 - Tiger I
1 - Tiger I P
3 - KV-3
1 - T-50-2

I thought everyone saw what I did: massive, super-massive, medium rush left, to rocks: provides cover, swarm victims, neutral heavy advantage, it gives cover from fire, meds easier to maneuver around hills and rocks than heavies, heavies needing range of field instead of maneuver, etc.... Plus, their heavies will have a hard time getting back to defend if they went to a predictable, opposite-side of map, valley push, and we can rush cap and win!

At countdown I yell, "Medium rush left!!!" And ping over there.

Map starts, I hit RSG and ... by myself, head left. I see the vast majority of all the rest of our mediums head right. I give, and go with them, thinking, "well, 99% of random bats have majority push left, their heavies will want to push left (their left) into the valley, if we run into a bunch of their heavies, it'll be tough, but if we swarm, and/or, if they pushed mostly right instead, could do, as long as we don't stop."

Our few heavies went left into rocks.

To recap:
1st: The worst place to go with medium swarm IMVHO on Steppes, is valley/opposite rock-hills, giving range of field to enemy. Mediums do best in a pack, swarming, circle strafing, etc.
2nd: The worst thing to do in a medium pack is not to swarm, but get into a duck-&-shoot, peek-a-boo fight with them. Key is for all of us to focus on the biggest tier we encounter, take it out, move on to next -- so many of us they will not focus on just one, and we're shufflin', etc.

As we get to their side of the map, coming up from valley, red lights begin rising -- it ... is ... their ... entire heavy battery. Still, we need to swarm. I lead, having taken the higher plateau and with RSG, I'm near even with our leaders if not ahead. I see the VK4502PB separated from the pack. There's a minute or so before the other can clear the slight hill to level fire if on him, and I move in. I begin circle-strafing. I look, and what is the massive pack of mediums doing I brought with me? They have full, tilt, halted in the valley, waiting for peek-a-boo and duck-&-shoot.

So, having gone to the wrong part of the map, they now do the thing they shouldn't, and do not swarm and take out the VK4502PB.

I stayed in the thick too long: engine gone, gunner gone, 2 hp. I join them in their duck-&-shoot/peek-a-boo.

Needless to say, the enemy heavies prevailed, and decimated our medium division with not enough of them taken out. Our vaunted wolf pack died ... like melting snow on hot pavement.

Amazingly, we won, but it got down to the T95 and one last camping Pershing, who did nothing to help the T95 vs the 2 last heavies.

T95 finished Top Gun. He had gone right, then came back middle and pulled it off some how.

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