Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wolfenstein-Type Catacombs Under Odessa

I love the Internet and now reddit.  I learn about things I wouldn'ta otherwise.  Who knew that the catacombs of the Wolfenstein saga (see! I brought it home!) do exist, under Odessa: <-- too lazy to do anything more than just paste the gd link....

Apparently, death in these catacombs is not uncommon.  Note to Russian teens dared to go in there -- don't!!!
Eye Candy ... ok fine, I made alink this time....

(Slightly nsfw):
From reddit: Girl got lost in the catacombs below odessa

They do remind me of the catacombs in Return to Castle Wolfenstein:

A partial map of the catacombs
They apparently stretch throughout the underneath of Odessa

(yes, scarfing most of this from reddit comments, ty redditors!)

What a way to die, in endless, underground passages....

If you go down in there, this could be you....

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