Friday, June 22, 2012

World of Tanks: Late German Exhaust Explained: Exhaust End Pot With Flame Shock

I broke down and finally decided to googles the funky, but neat-looking, exhaust on late German tanks.

My fav tank & design: Panther I Ausf. G
Just look at that nice ass!!!
And here we see my 1/72 model replicating
the Bovington, England Panther
I painted the main exhaust pipes navy grey

According to this German page:

Served to reduce / prevent the flames
from the exhaust in the engine part-load range. were built from 1944 on Panther IG, and would probably get all 1945 German tanks ... ... were shown above in the production of Tiger III S but again not just available....

That's a google translation

I ran, "auspuff end topf mit flammen dämpfer" through, and it came back with:

"exhaust end pot with flame shock"

I had always -- it looks like, wrongly assumed -- that it some how squelched smoke, so as not to reveal the tank as easily and/or, a camo effect.

Was this the purpose of preventing flames?  To prevent detection?  Did it also hinder smoke?  Was it so the tank could not be seen at night?

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