Thursday, June 21, 2012

World of Tanks: CliffsNotes: Lead Designer Sergey Burkatovskiy Talks The Future of WoT & The Coming T26E4 Super Pershing Premium Tank

  • They will not make unique skills/perks per nation.  The many tanks by nation are enough uniqueness.
  • More changes are coming for tournament play, via the web.
  • Spectator mode coming.
  • Replays to be saved to server, better quality, and rewind feature -- hopefully by end of year.
  • Will there be matching by skills?  Keep noobs from pros -- like in Dota?  No,  This will not happen.  Noobs and pros always to play together.
  • Along with the new physics, map destruction is coming.
  • Historical and garage battles coming.
  • IS8 and KV4 complaints: no changes planned.
  • T-50-2 deletion: why?  It is not based on any prototype.  IRL, it was a slow vehicle for infantry support.  In game, it is a motorcycle with a gun.  A replacement is coming.  They have a guy on their team with a huge stack of photos, who researches tanks.  He has found a replacement for the T-50-2, created in 1943, equipped like the T-50-2.  It will play like the T-50-2.
  • How can you get non-clanned players to play on the global map?  Historical battles will be similar to the global map, but without obligations.  The clan global map takes a lot of dedication.  The historical global map will not.
  • T26E4 SuperPershing: New premium tier 8 medium coming?  Yes, American super Pershing.  It was apparently a modification of M26 Pershing -- the Americans captured Panthers, removed the armor from them and welded it to the T26E4 SuperPershing.
  • New Trees Coming:
  • Japanese and British trees are coming.  Also coming: Chinese Tree and European Tree.  Chinese tree: real problems with it.  It did not begin until after ww2.  Its 1st ank is based on      T-34-85 -- tier 6.  Team Europe: more problems -- many vehicles widely built and traded among nations.

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The T26E4 Super Pershing:

T26E4 Super Pershing

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