Wednesday, September 24, 2014

WoT: "i c you have a great spot doing lotsa dmg, may I join u?"

This guy ruined my game

It all started when I picked my Lion.  I was doing great dmg vs two IS-6s.  Dude, aka KV-4, notices this.  You see, when you see a teammate farming dmg, that means: 'hey! imma get some!"

He pulls in front of me, and blocks my shots.  Oh, he doesn't mean to, but he gets tracked and he has no healz, no fast track fix shit.  He just sits there perpetually tracked..

Sry for shitty text: I used mspaint.

Psst ... we lost.

So anyhow, I finally just leave him there, blocking my best-spot-on-this-map.  Bcs he is perpetually tracked by the two IS-6s I took down to no hp, doing my pro sky-scrapper (side-scraping).

Three enemies start capping.  I go back to defend.  I die before him.  The good die young, the sucky live.

Oh, and forgive teh blacked-out, redacted names.  WG forbids you name anyone.

Thank god Watergate wasn't handled this way..

Here he sits, perma-tracked and shit, not able to rise, for did not he invest, in skills to incest, that his tracks be repaired, when damaged and snared .. or something.  Edit: insist! not incest!


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