Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dota2: Hello, and welcome to the world of batshitcrazystupid....

Edit: I want to be clear here: as far as I can tell, people can report you for absolutely, positively, no good reason.  This, in turn, will lead to you _not_ being able to speak to your own team for upwards of days.  The fact that you can end up on a team with 4 "friends" who you piss off (bcs, like, that guy wanted mid altho you got it 1st, or that guy got pissed you took his stacked camp creeps, or you didn't go rosh when they went rosh) and they can simply troll you with reporting, is so incredibly dumb on the part of Valve that I cannot believe it.

Of the reporting systems in LoL or WoT, this one is moronic by comparison.


I play this game, rarely, called Dota2.  I have friends and family who play it lots.  They enjoy it when I play it.  Tonight, I thought I would take a break from World of Tanks and do a rare visit into Dota2.

I want to stop here and thank Valve and Steam for making me realize that this game is a liquid piece of shit, badly done, and badly administered.  I want to make everyone reading this realize that instead of doing real administration and moderation of their game, they have tried to offload this work to the player base, and they have done this horribly, terribly, incredibly, badly.

So, it's been weeks or more since I played Dota2.  I really, only, play it when friends urge me to.

But tonight, I thought I need a break from World of Tanks, and I launch Dota2 on my own.

I play a total of 3 games.  The 3rd game I quit because it was the game that told me -- upon trying to congratulate a teammate on a first blood:

"No one hears you. Your account has been flagged as disruptive and your communication privileges temporarily revoked. Time remaining: 24 hours"


What incredibly bad thing did I do?!?  What on earth could have been so bad, that I can no longer be heard from anyone in the game, on the enemy team ... on MY TEAM!?!?!?

I cannot tell my team where I'm going, what I'm doing, anything.  I CANNOT TELL THEM THE ENEMY IS MISSING FROM MY LANE!!!!  I google, and find this:


Indeed, this reveals the incredible level of stupid that is going on with this game.

Here's what happened in the 1st 2 games I played tonight, that lead to this retarded 24 hour ban on my commuincations:

1st game someone said they were going to report me bcs I pushed mid instead of going rosh.  I literally only said, "me?" <-- this was it!!!!!!!!!

2nd game, I hit a camp creep and there were like 30 creeps.  I was like, "wtf??!!?"  I killed them all <-- I was axe with 2 stouts and other stuff.  Antimage raged on me, "been building that all game.  Thx axe!!!"  <-- he cont to rage on me.  Honestly, truly, he did.  He said nasty, mean stuff.  I did nothing about this, but I simply said, "perm muted" finally  Another guy on team did the same and I said, "perm muted" to him as well.  (I think these were the guys who got me muted from EVERYONE IN THE GAME for 24 hours <-- although I in no way returned the favor!!!!!!).  Later in this game, an enemy commended me over a fight and I said something to the effect of, "well, I put 2 over here on ignore for going off on me" <-- is this why they did it??!?!  still!!!!!

3rd game, someone got 1st blood.  I tried to say, "gj" and it tells me: "No one hears you. Your account has been flagged as disruptive and your communication privileges temporarily revoked. Time remaining: 24 hours"

Welp, I did nothing wrong.  This is bullshit.

So, I want it to be known here, that you can fully be abused in Dota2. If you find yourself on the losing end of one or more people with the will to click you into obscurity, you can be put on a ban list from ever talking in this game, because they can.

Word to the wise: if you ever, remotely, feel an argument or flame war or whatever in game with a player in Dota2, simply report them, simply do it, simply click and complain, because they will, and it'll be dumb, fucking dumb, fucking potato dumb.

Better yet, just ignore this fucking game altogether and play a game where real mods moderate it.


And here is the support ticket I submitted to steam on this issue:

"No one hears you. Your account has been flagged as disruptive and your communication privileges temporarily revoked. Time remaining: 24 hours"

First, here is my blog, and here is my post on this stupidity that you have instituted:


I want to thank you for encouraging me and others to play a game not dota2 with this mute shit that you've wrongly offloaded to the player-base, who are simply abusing it.

It is dumb and may your game fail


Steam support replied to my trouble ticket:


Thank you for contacting Steam Support.

Any bans are applied due to excessive reports being made towards your account or from repeat abandons from games.

We are not able to remove these bans as they are handled automatically by the Dota 2 servers.

You will need to wait until the ban is expired in order to retain your full privileges.

And I replied to their reply to my trouble ticket:

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