Monday, January 21, 2013

MYM to do WoT

Clan MYM (i.e., eSports Organization, "Meet Your Makers") is entering World of Tanks competitively.

Sebastian 'Falli' Rotterdam, Manager MeetYourMakers
With signing a World of Tanks Team we want to show that we noticed the great success of this game. World of Tanks is a game that attracts a lot of people to compete in semi and professional Tournaments. That’s exactly what MYM stands for! Being an Organization that supports professional players to improve and win tournaments. Former “Red Tide” is already one of the strongest teams in Europe and I am sure that this team will represent MYM as good as possible on the upcoming Tournaments. IEM Katowice will be their first event under MYM Flag and I am sure this event will be a good start for a long term partnership between MYM, the Team and the WoT Community.

Good luck to all the pro clans in EU!

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