Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dead Space: Chapter 4

Dead Space 3 is coming.  This inspired me to get back into Dead Space 1.  Here's a vid I put together of chapter 4:

Here's my play last night starting chapter 4 (just completed chapter 3 too last  night):

My raw footage of Dead Space: Chapter 4

*Spoiler* mini-boss
*Spoiler* I die

Music is by Awolnation who were apparently recruited solely by Red Bull by touting "free use of our recording studio."

I'm having trouble finding the name of the song but I _think_ it's "Worm Bitten Apple":

Here's more info on the song

Awonation Band on Wikipedia

I ripped it off "The Athlete Machine" Red Bull vid:

The Athlete Machine by Red Bull Kluge
^way cool...

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